The best Dapps on StarkNet

Explore some of the best and most exciting Dapps on StarkNet

Nov 18, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Since StarkNet launched, the ecosystem has exploded with new and exciting Dapps covering DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more. Knowing what the best ones are can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Before you can play around with the best Dapps in StarkNet, you need a wallet. A wallet is your gateway to access everything StarkNet has to offer.

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StarkNet DeFi Dapps


Swap tokens easily on StarkNet with JediSwap, a community-led, fully permissionless, and automated market maker (AMM).  

AMMs are fully decentralized and automated exchanges that rely on the community to provide tokens (liquidity) in liquidity pools, not buyers and sellers like traditional financial exchanges. 

The price of the tokens is determined by an algorithm that automates price changes depending on market demand.

Website: jediswap.xyz

Fibrous Finance

Get the best and cheapest rates for token exchanges across all the StarkNet AMMs with Fibrous Finance and their routing algorithm.

Website: fibrous.finance

Yagi Finance 

Grow your investments by depositing them into a Vault to earn automatic yield through various strategies deployed by Yagi Finance.  

Website: yagi.fi/ 

StarkNet NFT Marketplaces and NFTs


Buy, sell and create NFTs on Aspect, the first NFT marketplace deployed on StarkNet mainnet. 

Website: aspect.co/ 

Mint Square

NFT minting and trading with cheap and fast transactions. All NFT collections are automatically indexed and tradable.

Website: mintsquare.io/ 


briq is an NFT construction protocol based around fundamental elements called briqs. You can use briqs to build whatever you can imagine, and you can just as easily disassemble whatever you build for the underlying briqs to build something new. 

briqs have been incredibly popular on StarkNet, resulting in enthusiasts creating briq portraits (Briq Art) and a unique collection of Ducks - including an Argent duck!

Website: briq.construction/

StarkNet Gaming Dapps 


Explore an expansive open-economy, space strategy MMO. Colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, and engage in combat!  

Website: nfluenceth.io

Frens Lands

Harvest resources and create your dream community

Website: frenslands.xyz


An experimental on-chain remix of the classic “Game of Life”

Website: gol2.io

Other StarkNet Dapps

Orbiter Finance 

Orbiter Finance is an easy-to-use bridge for transferring crypto instantly, from one network to another at a low cost. 

Website: orbiter.finance/ 


On-chain reputation system to allow users to own their content and reputation. 

Website: testnet.astraly.xyz/ 


Oracles provide blockchains data, and Empiric is the leading one on StarkNet. They have over 20 price feeds powered by data sources that send their market data directly on-chain to feed DeFi, with reliable and fast information. 

Website: empiric.network/

For more Dapps, you can visit Dappland to find and explore the best Dapps in the StarkNet ecosystem.

Dappland gives you more information about the teams building Dapps, audits, whether the Dapp has a token or not, and much, much more! 

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