The best Dapps on StarkNet

Explore some of the best and most exciting Dapps on StarkNet

Feb 19, 2024
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Since StarkNet launched, the ecosystem has exploded with new and exciting Dapps covering DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more. Knowing what the best ones are can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Exploring the Starknet ecosystem has never been smoother. Whether you’re a DeFi gen, on-chain gamer, or JPEG connoisseur – Dappland is your hub for dapp discovery on Starknet.

Start with a Starknet wallet 

Before you can play around with the best Dapps in Starknet, you need a wallet. A wallet is your gateway to access everything Starknet has to offer.

Choose Argent X, the most popular and only open-source wallet for Starknet, then you’re ready to go! Download now for Chrome and Firefox.

Starknet DeFi Dapps


StarkNet’s leading AMM. It’s a decentralised exchange (DEX) that has dominated since its launch in 2023. Known for its super-concentrated liquidity and extensibility. 

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Website: ekubo.org/


Starknet’s leading DEX aggregator. Get the best execution on your swap. Also natively integrated within Argent.

Website: avnu.fi/

Fibrous Finance

Get the best and cheapest rates for token exchanges across all Starknet AMMs with Fibrous Finance and their routing algorithm.

Website: fibrous.finance


A community-led, fully permissionless, and automated market maker (AMM). Swap tokens easily on Starknet with JediSwap,

Website: jediswap.xyz


Leading DeFi protocol in terms of TVL. Lend, borrow, swap, and bridge your cryptocurrencies. 

Website: nostra.finance/


Your go-to for smart lending and borrowing. It’s the native L2 money-market protocol built on Starknet, combining zk-rollup scalability, superior transaction speed, and cost-savings with Ethereum’s security.

The protocol offers a dual solution: a permissioned and compliance-focused solution for institutional clients, and a permissionless service for DeFi users - all without sacrificing decentralisation.

Website: zklend.com/


An easy-to-use bridge for transferring crypto instantly, from one network to another at a low cost. Move crypto across exchanges, blockchains and wallets. 

Website: layerswap.io/

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Starknet NFT Marketplaces and NFTs


Starknet's NFT marketplace. Back in the olden days, the marketplace was the beating heart of any community. We felt that Starknet needed the same. So we built Unframed to serve as the home of all digital creations on Starknet. Discover, list, buy and sell any Starknet NFTs on Unframed. 

Website: unframed.co/


An NFT construction protocol based around fundamental elements called briqs. You can use briqs to build whatever you can imagine, and you can just as easily disassemble whatever you build for the underlying briqs to build something new. 

briqs have been incredibly popular on Starknet, resulting in enthusiasts creating briq portraits (Briq Art) and a unique collection of Ducks - including an Argent duck!

Website: briq.construction/

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Starknet Gaming Dapps 


Explore an expansive open-economy, space strategy MMO. Colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, and engage in combat!  

Website: influenceth.io

Loot Survivor

Game of onchain survival where you must defeat beasts and collect gear in the fight to stay alive and make it to the top of the leaderboard. 

Website: loot-survivor


A fantasy multiverse of fully onchain games. All Realms games operate on Starknet, allowing for quick and secure transactions and players to own in-game assets like NFTs in a self-governing world.

Website: realms.world/

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Other Starknet Dapps


A decentralised identity provider on Starknet. It allows you to create your Starknet identity and attach things to it (like an on-chain passport). It can be used by all Starknet protocols. 

Website: starknet.id/

Explore the best Starknet Dapps

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