Argent Vault

Built for wallets with $50K plus. Argent Vault gives you peace of mind with multisig security and no seed phrase.

Self custody
without seed phrases

Only you can access your assets. Not Argent. Not anyone else. No more writing down recovery phrases and passwords.

Always protected

Multisig security when you want. Not when you don’t.

Use guardians to approve every transaction with an untrusted address. One tap for everything trusted.

Guardians are friends, hardware wallets, your MetaMask, or Argent’s automated solution.

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Secure enclave and biometric authentication

Your wallet is protected with all the latest security features of iOS and Android.

Guardians: Your personal security team

Guardians give you multi-factor authentication for transactions. They also help you recover and lock your account. Learn more

Trusted contacts

Instant, unlimited transfers to the contacts that you trust.

Independently audited

Our smart contracts have been audited by multiple experts from Trail of Bits, Solidified and G0 Group.

These audits can be found on the Argent Github.

Argent Bug Bounty

The integrity of our smart contracts is our highest priority. Our smart contract bug bounty program has rewards of up to $50,000 (paid in Dai). Read about the Argent Bug Bounty

Own It

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