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Explore the Starknet ecosystem on the only audited, open-source Starknet wallet. 

Join over 2 million users and download Argent X now.

Download Argent X Starknet wallet extension for Brave

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Bulletproof security

Enjoy better security with 2FA, real-time Fraud Protection and Multisig. Only you can access your assets. 

Open source & audited

Everyone can inspect and improve the security of our code. We are the most transparent Starknet wallet.

Global on-ramp

Easily add funds to your wallet with fees as low as cents, not dollars.

Instant swaps

We’ve integrated AVNU, the leading DEX aggregator, to guarantee you the best price on every swap.

Transaction review

Know exactly what you’re signing and when, and approve transactions in real-time.

Unparalleled UX

Our smart wallets for Starknet let you sign fewer transactions, get better security, unlock new use cases and leverage the true potential of crypto.

Backed by the best

Coming up

Some of the things we're working on…

Anti-phishing warnings

If something seems phishy, you’ll know about it. Our Fraud Protection warns you of scams and dodgy dapps.

Use on any device

Access your Argent X account on mobile or desktop.

Game without interruption

Session keys remove annoying pop ups from games. Connect your Starknet wallet and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Trusted by
crypto leaders

“Our partnership with Argent is a major milestone in building and expanding the StarkNet ecosystem, and represents an important step in making it accessible for both app developers and users.”

StarkWare logo

Uri Kolodny
Co-Founder & CEO, StarkWare

“Argent is likely the platform to introduce crypto to our grandmas, thanks to its pioneering work on Starknet with Account Abstraction. At AVNU, we're proud to partner with such an innovative leader.”

AVNU logo

Mentor Reka
Co-Founder & CEO, AVNU

“The Argent team is pushing the StarkNet ecosystem forward thanks to Argent X. A developer-friendly wallet is paramount to everyone's success.”

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Sylve Chevet
Founder & CEO, briq

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