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Nov 4, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

StarkNet is an incredibly exciting Layer 2 scaling network that’s seen rapid growth. Knowing where to start may seem overwhelming, but with our guide, you’ll know exactly where to go!

Download a StarkNet wallet

Before we dive into the StarkNet ecosystem, you first need a wallet like Argent X - the most popular and only open-source wallet on the StarkNet ecosystem, trusted by over 300,000 people. 

You can download Argent X for chrome or firefox, and it takes less than a minute to create an account!

To learn more about Argent X, check out our guide.  

Fund your StarkNet wallet

Once you’ve created your Argent X account, you now need to fund your account so that you can make transactions. Luckily, there are 4 different ways to do this, giving you plenty of choices.

They are:

  1. Buying crypto with card or bank transfer using Ramp or Banxa 
  2. Bridging crypto from one network to StarkNet using Orbiter Finance or StarkGate 
  3. Sending crypto from an exchange like Coinbase or Binance using LayerSwap 
  4. Funding your Argent X account using another StarkNet wallet

Each method is available in Argent X. 

If you need help, check out our complete guide to funding your Argent X wallet.

Explore StarkNet Dapps

Since StarkNet launched, the ecosystem has exploded with new and exciting Dapps. But finding which Dapp to use can be challenging - the solution? Dappland! Dappland gives you an easy way to find and explore the best Dapps in the StarkNet ecosystem.

Here’s a selection of StarkNet Dapps found on Dappland covering DeFi, NFTs, Gaming and more for you to explore with your Argent X wallet: 

StarkNet DeFi Dapps

JediSwap: Community-led, fully permissionless, and composable automated market maker (AMM) 

10kSwap: Simple and easy-to-use AMM deployed on StarkNet mainnet

Alpha Road: Decentralized and non-custodial DeFi platform enabling you to use different DeFi products

Fibrous Finance: Find the best and cheapest rates for token exchanges across multiple AMMs

StarkNet NFTs/ NFT Marketplaces

Aspect: Buy, sell and create NFTs in one simple transaction - no more approving tokens!

Mint Square: NFT minting and trading with cheap and fast transactions, with NFT collections automatically indexed and tradable

briq: NFT construction protocol based around fundamental elements called briqs. You can assemble your briqs into an NFT and disassemble it to get the briqs back and build something else. briqs are NFT building blocks!

Pxls: Create amazing collaborative artwork

StarkNet Gaming Dapps

Influence: An open-economy, space strategy MMO in which players own all of their content. Colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, and engage in combat 

Frens Lands: Harvest resources and create your dream community

Age of Eykar: Build the most prestigious empire. And if you succeed, you will be able to keep a significant part of the profits generated by the game

Other StarkNet Dapps

Astraly: Infrastructure around decentralized reputation, helping users own their content and reputation so that any application that wants to build on-chain reputation-based systems can do so with ease. 

Empiric: The leading oracle on StarkNet, live with 20+ price feeds - powered by data sources that send their proprietary market data directly on-chain, including Alameda Research, Jane Street, Gemini, and many more.

Start exploring everything StarkNet has to offer today

Explore the StarkNet ecosystem with Argent X, the most popular and only open-source wallet for the StarkNet ecosystem trusted by over 300,000 people globally.

Download Argent X

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