How to Create an Ekubo Position with Point Boost on Argent X

Get 20% more Ekubo points with Argent

Ollie Armitage
Feb 5, 2024

You can access Argent’s referral link inside Argent X or Argent Mobile. In Argent X, navigate to the feed (flame icon) and click on Ekubo. In Argent Mobile, go to “Explore” and click “Liquidity pools”. If you do this, the 20% Ekubo point boost will be applied automatically.

Starknet’s DeFi Spring:

If you’re reading this, you’re in luck! Ekubo is a part of Starknet’s DeFi Spring, where over 40 million STRK tokens will be distributed to the community for using DeFi protocols on Starknet. 

When you open a position on Ekubo with the following pairs, you’ll become eligible to claim your share of 40 million STRK tokens. Learn more.

Supported pairs: 

  • STRK - ETH
  • ETH - USDC
  • WBTC - ETH
  • wstETH - ETH
  • USDC - DAI

Starknet’s DeFi Spring campaign will last 6-8 months, so there’s plenty of time and STRK up for grabs! Use Argent's exclusive referral link to earn 20% more Ekubo points.

Argent referral link: https://app.ekubo.org/positions/new?referrer=0x64d28d1d1d53a0b5de12e3678699bc9ba32c1cb19ce1c048578581ebb7f8396

Quick summary: 

Ekubo is Starknet’s leading AMM. It’s a decentralized exchange (DEX) that has dominated since its launch in 2023.

What are Ekubo points?

In November 2023, Ekubo introduced its leaderboard and a new points system. 

Ekubo points are distributed to liquidity providers (LPs) who create a position on Ekubo and earn fees. The leaderboard lets you see how you’ve performed against others.

At Argent, we're always looking for ways to help our community. So, we sweet-talked Ekubo into giving you a 20% point boost. But you’ll only get the boost if you use the referral link!

Here's how to open a position on Ekubo with Argent's exclusive referral link:

Step 1: Click on the Argent referral link

Access the Argent referral link by clicking here: https://app.ekubo.org/positions/new?referrer=0x64d28d1d1d53a0b5de12e3678699bc9ba32c1cb19ce1c048578581ebb7f8396 

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Click on the Ekubo banner in Argent X 
  2. Visit Ekubo via dappland.com  
  3. On Argent Mobile, click 'Explore' and choose 'Liquidity pools'

If you see the green ‘Referred by argent.stark’ banner, you’re on the correct link.

click on the argent referral link

To create a position on Ekubo, you need two tokens—for example, ETH and USDC. 

Step 2: Connect your Argent X Starknet wallet and create your position. 

  1. Select the pool for which you want to provide liquidity. For example, the ETH/USDC pool.
  2. Select the price range in which you want to provide liquidity, for example, between  $2100<>$2500 for ETH. 
  3. Specify how much liquidity you want to provide—for example, 0.003 ETH and 10 USDC.

Once you are happy with your position, click '+ Add liquidity'. 

connect your argent x starknet wallet

Step 3: Confirm the transaction in Argent X. 

The fee for this transaction will be higher than a regular swap or transfer. This is because multiple transactions are being initiated to create your position. 

Fortunately, thanks to Multicall, Argent X can execute all the transactions simultaneously. Saving you time. 

confirm the transaction in argent x

Once confirmed, your two tokens will be sent into an Ekubo liquidity pool, where they will begin collecting fees and accumulating Ekubo points with a 20% boost. 

An NFT representing your position on Ekubo will be generated and sent to your wallet. If you withdraw 100% of your liquidity, the ‘Ekubo Position’ NFT will be burned. 

Note: Selling the NFT for less than the value of your position on Ekubo will result in a loss.

Step 4: Monitor your position. 

Once your position has been created, you can monitor it at https://app.ekubo.org/positions 

You can also connect your wallet to see how many Ekubo points you have accumulated at https://app.ekubo.org/leaderboard 

Your Ekubo position will become inactive and stop collecting fees and Ekubo points if the price is outside your price range.

monitor your position

If you followed these steps, your position on Ekubo will now have been created!

Thanks for following along. We hope you enjoy accumulating 20% more Ekubo points with  Argent’s exclusive referral code. 

If you want to learn more about Ekubo, read our blog, follow Ekubo on X, or join their community on Discord. Reach out to Ekubo on Discord if you need help creating a position. 

To withdraw your liquidity from Ekubo, follow step 5. 

How to close a position on Ekubo

Step 5: Withdrawing liquidity. 

You can withdraw your liquidity from Ekubo at any time. 

1. Go to the positions page, click on your position and then select ‘Withdraw’. 

2. Select what percentage (%) of the position you want to withdraw, then select ‘Confirm’.

3. Confirm the transaction in Argent X.

Once the transaction is completed, your assets will arrive in Argent X. 

If you made it this far and still haven’t opened a position on Ekubo, get started by clicking on the referral link here: https://app.ekubo.org/positions/new?referrer=0x64d28d1d1d53a0b5de12e3678699bc9ba32c1cb19ce1c048578581ebb7f8396

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Follow us on X and Discord to keep up with all things Argent. If you need customer support, please email support@argent.xyz. 

Want to learn more about Ekubo? We recommend checking out their docs.

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