ETH Stakers: How to claim Starknet tokens ($STRK)

A step-by-step guide to claiming STRK tokens for Eth Stakers

Ollie Armitage
Feb 19, 2024

If you staked ETH until the Merge (September 15th, 2022) with Lido, RocketPool, Stakefish, Ankr Staking, Consensys, BloxStaking or SharedStake, you can claim STRK through Starknet’s official provisions portal.

Follow this tutorial to claim your STRK.

To claim your STRK, you need to use a Starknet wallet. Follow this tutorial to set up Argent X, Starknet’s leading wallet with over 2 million downloads. 

Please note: The screenshots below were taken from Testnet. Follow the same steps when you are on Mainnet to claim your $STRK tokens.

Step 1

Go to Starknet’s official airdrop website: https://provisions.starknet.io/ and click ‘Claim my STRK’.

Step 2

Click ‘Claim STRK’.

Step 3

Accept the terms of use and confirm you are NOT a US citizen. Then, click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4

Select Argent X.

If you already have Argent X installed, skip to Step 5.

If you do not have Argent X installed, follow this tutorial, then proceed to Step 5 once Argent X is set up. You need an Argent X wallet to claim your $STRK tokens. 

Step 5

Unlock your Argent X wallet.

Click ‘Connect’.

Step 6

From the options on the left, select Ethereum. 

Choose the wallet you think is eligible for STRK tokens, then unlock it by entering your password. In this tutorial, we will use Metamask as our eligible Ethereum wallet.

Sign and connect your wallet.

Step 7

Click ‘See your allocation’.

Step 8

See your $STRK token allocation, then select ‘Claim your tokens’.

Read the information, then click ‘Next’.

Answer the two questions. Or press ‘Skip’.

Step 9

Read the Voting and delegation information. Then select who you would like to delegate STRK to. Or press ‘Skip’.

Select the % of STRK you would like to delegate. Then press ’Delegate’.

You can also skip delegation. Learn more about vSTRK here.

Sign the transaction in your Argent X wallet. 

Step 10

Click ‘Complete claiming tokens’.

Then click ‘Sign’ on your wallet.

Step 11

Click ‘Complete claiming tokens’. Then wait for your STRK tokens to arrive in Argent X. It may take several hours. You can track the progress by looking at the transaction bar in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once the Transaction is complete, open Argent X to view your STRK and vSTRK. 

Click ‘Share it on X’ if you would like to share your successful STRK claim with your community. Or click the x icon in the top right corner. 

Then click ‘Disconnect’ to disconnect your Argent X wallet. 


You have successfully claimed the Starknet airdrop and are now the proud owner of STRK tokens! 

Time to put your STRK to work. Use STRK in DeFi, in governance, or to pay for transaction fees. You can swap your STRK tokens inside Argent X with no fees. 

Reminder: The STRK claim window ends June 20th, 2024. 

If you have questions about your $STRK token allocation, reach out to Starknet on their dedicated Discord channel: https://starknet.io/discord/

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