The quick start guide to Ethereum & DeFi

The easiest way to enjoy Ethereum and decentralized finance

Matthew Wright
Feb 13, 2020

TLDR: Money and the internet are changing. We’ve got a shot at a fairer future, with you in control. This starts with you owning and benefitting from your digital assets. We can’t touch them. Nobody else can either. You’re the boss.

Here’s how to start. It’s way easier than you’d think.

1. Download 🙌

Download on iOS or Android. You control your assets, but you never need a seed phrase.

2. Activate your wallet

To get started, either:

  • Transfer crypto from another wallet/exchange 
  • Or, buy crypto with fiat (£,$) in Argent using Apple Pay, bank transfer or card.

3. Now put those assets to work! 🚀

Argent is the easiest way to use Decentralized Finance (DeFi). But why should you care about it? As we wrote in this post, DeFi aims to make the financial system:

  • Fairer
  • More efficient
  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere

Before starting, we strongly advise everyone to do their own research on the risks and rewards of each DeFi project. You have sole responsibility for using them.


In 1 tap you can get the best rate across 10 decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap, Balancer, Kyber and more.

Earn with Compound

You can earn interest on your crypto through Compound’s lending platform. The interest comes from traders paying to borrow crypto. The rates are variable.

Join PoolTogether - a new kind of savings game

PoolTogether describes itself as a "no-loss savings game" that gives you a chance to win a prize every week. Users pool their DAI or USDC by purchasing tickets. The assets in each pool accumulate interest through Compound, and the interest is then won by a ticket holder, picked at random, each week. It's no loss because the prize comes from the interest generated, not the deposits. You can withdraw your full deposit at any time.

You can read more on Argent and PoolTogether here.

The advanced guide to Argent 👩‍🎓

Once you’ve mastered the essentials here’s what else you can do:

Explore more Dapps

You can either:

  • Explore more of our native integrations, such as Aave and TokenSets by opening the 'Invest' tab in Argent.
  • Or use WalletConnect to access a vast range of Dapps, such as Yearn and Zapper.

Protect your wallet even more 👮‍♀️

Our security model lets you choose trusted people or devices — we call them guardians — to help you recover and lock your wallet. Adding another is as easy as tapping ‘Profile' -> 'Security’ -> ‘Add guardian’.

If you’d prefer not to have other people as guardians you could use a hardware wallet(s) and MetaMask instead. Here’s more on our security centre.

And if you’re really interested in security, we’ve ensured you’re never locked into Argent by designing a kit to help you withdraw your assets using another Ethereum wallet.

Conclusion 😎

Benefits of Argent:

  • Only you control your assets
  • Explore DeFi in a tap
  • Easily recover and lock your wallet

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