An NFT gallery for every Argent user

A personal web page with your NFT gallery and onramp

Edward Wilson
Sep 17, 2021

Every Argent wallet owner now has their own NFT gallery! And an even easier way to onramp into crypto.

This is possible because all Argent users have their own web page. To find yours, just type your Argent username into your browser.

Your page gives you:

  1. Your personal NFT gallery
  2. Fiat onramp
  3. An easy way to send assets to your wallet

It's open source. And it comes with dark mode, of course.

Argent NFT gallery in Dark mode

We’ve also included an info button that links to Opensea if you want to include more details on your NFT.

We’re not done yet

We’ll be adding a lot more to the page in the near future, including being able to change your profile picture to an NFT you own. 

(P.S. Want your NFT avatar in our Layer 2 launch video? Retweet this. We’ll include our favourite avatar in the video). 

We’ll also be launching other features like:

  • Layer 2 compatibility - when we launch our L2 wallet, you’ll be able to view any NFTs you own with your zkSync address
  • View by collection - easily view NFTs in the same collection that you own 
  • Flick through on full-screen - soon you’ll be able to flick through your NFT collection when you’re in full-screen mode

If there’s anything that you want us to add, then please let us know by tweeting us at ArgentHQ or messaging us in our Discord


Argent is the most secure place to store your NFTs. With us, there’s no seed phrase that can get exploited and we offer multisig security by default. This is why it’s Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s preferred method of securing a wallet

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