What is Orbiter Finance?

Easily send funds from one chain to another quickly and securely

Nov 22, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Bridging is a way to send crypto you own from one chain to another. There are many options to choose from and Orbiter Finance is one of the best. Orbiter Finance allows you to bridge funds from 13 chains quickly, securely, and easily.

What are crypto bridges?

Crypto bridges allow you to easily hop between different blockchains or layer 2 scaling solutions so you can use your funds to explore your chosen network. For example, you may have funds on Ethereum that you want to bridge to StarkNet.

What is Orbiter Finance?

Orbiter Finance provides an easy, secure, and fast way to send crypto to StarkNet and 12 other networks, including zkSync, Polygon, Arbitrum, and others. 

  • Safe: Orbiter Finance has no risk like other cross-L1 bridges due to their bridging method.
  • Cheap and instant bridging: Sending funds between networks happens with the Senders and Makers wallet on both the “Source” and “Destination” networks (e.g., Ethereum to StarkNet), making transfers frictionless. 
  • Fully decentralized: No new tokens are needed to bring liquidity across networks, enabling Orbiter Finance to be fully decentralized. 

Beyond bridging, Orbiter Finance has a fantastic data dashboard that covers the leading L2s and the most used dapps on the network. 

How to bridge crypto to StarkNet or other chains with Orbiter Finance?

Sending funds to StarkNet using your Argent X wallet is easy and secure using Orbiter Finance. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Argent X, tap “Add Funds”, then choose “Bridge from Ethereum and other chains
  2. Choose “Orbiter Finance” 
  3. Connect your Ethereum wallet, like Argent Vault or Metamask, and your Argent X account (You need to connect both so you can send funds from your Ethereum wallet to StarkNet)
  4. Enter the amount you want to send to StarkNet and confirm the transaction  undefined
  5. Your funds will arrive quickly in your Argent X account

Watch how easy it is to fund your Argent X using Orbiter Finance:

If you are bridging crypto to zkSync, you will need to replace Argent X with Argent mobile, and the steps will be the same. For networks not supported by Argent, you will only need a wallet like Metamask. 

How does Orbiter Finance work? 

Orbiter Finance works by using two roles: “Sender” and “Maker”.

  • Sender: Sends funds from the initial or “source” network - like Ethereum to the Maker
  • Maker: Upon receipt of the sent funds, the Maker will send the funds to the Sender on the destination network - like StarkNet

Makers have to deposit excess funds in Orbiter's contract before offering the cross-rollup service for “Senders”. This margin is used as compensation if the Sender doesn’t receive their funds quickly from the Maker. Makers earn income with every successful transaction.

Learn more about Orbiter Finance’s technology through their comprehensive explainer

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a type of Layer 2 scaling solution known as a “ZK-rollup” which allows Dapps on the network to achieve tremendous scalability without compromising Ethereum's composability and security.

What makes StarkNet interesting is that it supports Account Abstraction, meaning every account is a smart contract with its own logic. This is huge because it enables everyone to have a secure wallet adapted to their needs, with seamless compatibility!

Start exploring everything StarkNet has to offer today

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