What is Argent X?

The most popular and only open-source wallet on StarkNet

Nov 3, 2022
Edward Wilson

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Argent X is the most popular and only open-source wallet on StarkNet, trusted by over 300,000 people across the globe. With Argent X, you can buy and bridge crypto to StarkNet, swap tokens, mint and store NFTs, play blockchain games and much more.

What is Argent X?

Argent X is a browser extension wallet that allows you to easily explore the StarkNet ecosystem

Creating an Argent X account takes less than a minute. Simply download from either Chrome or Firefox, then complete the quick onboarding process, and like that, you have instant access to testnet and StarkNet mainnet, allowing you to interact with StarkNet Dapps. 

With Argent X, you can send, receive and store ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. You can also mint, view, and securely store StarkNet NFTs. 

Argent X is currently separate from Argent mobile, but the two wallets will merge in the future. 

How to create an Argent X wallet

Currently, Argent X is only available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Creating an Argent X wallet is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. We'll be using Chrome in this example. Go to Chrome Webstore, download Argent X, and add the extension to your browser.

Visting the chrome store to downlod Argent X

2. Click "Create a new wallet"

First stage of the Argent X onboarding

3. Read the disclaimers and then click on “Continue”

Argent X disclaimers

4. Create a password for your Argent X wallet to protect your wallet

Argent X password creation stage

5. Click on “Finish,” and your wallet is ready! Make sure you follow our social media accounts for updates and support assistance

Final Argent X onboarding screen

6. To access Argent X, go to the "Extensions" in your browser. We recommend that you pin Argent X as an extension so it's easy to access

Finding Argent X in your browser

7. Open Argent X, and your wallet should be ready for use

Opening Argent X for the first time

8. You can find your wallet address under "Account 1" (this can be changed in the future). To copy your address so that you can share it with a friend or family member, all you need to do is click on it

Argent X address

9. You can view your StarkNet NFTs in the middle tab at the bottom of your Argent X wallet

NFT tab in Argent X

10. You can view your transaction history in the right tab at the bottom of your Argent X wallet

Transaction history in Argent X

Every transaction on the blockchain requires gas, which is a small amount of crypto, to make transactions. Before you begin exploring StarkNet mainnet, you will need to fund your Argent X wallet, so you can deploy your wallet. This is because every wallet on StarkNet is a smart contract and requires a small on-chain transaction to activate your wallet. Argent doesn't profit from this. But it is necessary to use your wallet.

What features does Argent X have?

The Argent X wallet has features that you would expect from a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask. 

Global on-ramp: Easily add funds to your wallet with fees as low as cents, not dollars, using Ramp Network or Banxa 

Bridge funds from other networks: Move cryptocurrency or stablecoins from other networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism with Orbiter Finance or StarkGate 

But unlike Metamask, Argent X is a smart wallet that has unique features made possible by being built on StarkNet. 

Fraud monitoring: Remove all the complexity of blockchain transactions and prevent attacks with clear communication in Argent X about the outcome of each action

Transaction review: Know exactly what you’re signing with Argent X and approve transactions in real-time

Batch transactions together: Bundle transactions together into a single action with multicall

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a type of Layer 2 scaling solution known as a “ZK-rollup” which allows Dapps on the network to achieve tremendous scalability without compromising Ethereum's composability and security.

What makes StarkNet interesting is that it supports Account Abstraction, meaning every account is a smart contract with its own logic. This is huge because it enables everyone to have an account adapted to their needs, with seamless compatibility!

It's a fantastic opportunity to create new and exciting features, but it's an added complexity for a normal user.

That's what Argent X solves! It abstracts all that complexity away to give you an easy way to experience the benefits that StarkNet offers.

What Dapps can you use with Argent X on StarkNet?

Argent X gives you easy access to experience DeFi, NFTs, gaming and more on StarkNet. We have a getting started with StarkNet guide if you want to learn about some of the leading Dapps on StarkNet. 

You can also find and explore the best Dapps in the StarkNet ecosystem with Dappland. 

Dappland gives you more information about the teams building Dapps, audits, whether the Dapp has a token or not, and much, much more! 

What features will Argent X have?

Because every wallet on StarkNet is a smart contract, you can unlock new use cases and leverage the true potential of blockchains.

Some features that are being worked on in Argent X are:

Social recovery: Recover your wallet without a seed phrase, just like the Argent mobile

Session keys: Pre-approve a Dapps transactions based on a set of parameters that only do what the user has approved

With much, much more to come in the future.

Start exploring everything StarkNet has to offer today

Explore the StarkNet ecosystem with Argent X, the most popular and only open-source wallet for the StarkNet ecosystem trusted by over 300,000 people globally.

Download Argent X

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