How to stay updated with NFTs

If you’re struggling to stay updated with NFTs, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Sep 24, 2021
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Staying updated with NFTs is a struggle. One minute CryptoPunks are the trend, then BYAC and now Loot. What’s next? With this article, we give you the resources you need to stay updated on the latest trends, giving you an edge in the market.


With the pace of innovation happening with NFTs, staying updated with the latest trends can be challenging. But by using some of our best tips, you’ll have what you need to stay ahead of the game. 

Who should you follow?

One of the best ways of staying updated with NFTs is by following trailblazers in the space on Twitter. Listen in on their Twitter spaces, read their threads and learn what they’re interested in.

Thankfully, Coopahtroopa has curated an excellent list of who to follow on Twitter:


If you prefer audio or want something to listen to while working, then we also have some great podcast recommendations:

  1. Proof: Learn all about NFTs from leading Venture Capitalist Kevin Rose interviewing artists and leaders in the space
  2. Two Bored Apes: Sit back and relax with Jaime and Roy, passionately discussing their love for NFTs 
  3. Hunting Alpha with Hunter Orrell: Gain valuable insight from one of the most interesting people in NFTs


Newsletters are a great way to get a recap of everything happening with NFTs. Here are some of our favorites: 

  1. Metaversal: A weekly newsletter produced by Bankless covering everything happening with NFTs
  2. Zeneca33: Detailed newsletters on some of the most exciting projects and themes within NFTs
  3. NFTNow: A web3 media company focused on empowering creatives and helping make NFTs go mainstream

Our Discord NFT channel has even more newsletters included. Chat with other Argent users and stay updated with everything exciting in the space. 

On-chain analytics 

On the blockchain, everyone’s data is publicly accessible for anyone to comb through. To find opportunities with this data, blockchain analytic tools like Nansen make this easy for you. 

Watch Nansen Co-founder and CEO Alex Svanevik show you how to use Nansen for NFTs:

NFT tips

We’ve also included some handy tips that can help you with NFTs.

CryptoPunk #6529 has prepared a guide on Crypto Twitter Lingo:

If you’ve made bids on a marketplace using wETH and want to cancel them, then unwrap your wETH into ETH. It’s cheaper! 

Use Rarity Tools to find out the rarity of your NFTs! 

Securely store your NFTs with Argent

Hackers are coming for your NFTs. Make sure you’re protected. 

Choose Argent for your wallet of choice as we offer convenient multisig security and you don’t have a seed phrase that makes you vulnerable to hackers. 

Ready to get started with NFTs?

Argent is a simple, secure, all in one wallet for Ethereum

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