Uniswap multicall

The quickest, easiest and most secure way to provide liquidity to Uniswap V3

Julien Niset
May 27, 2021

Argent is now the most secure and convenient way to provide liquidity to Uniswap V3!

Adding liquidity to a trading pair is typically a 3 step process: approve each of the two tokens, then deposit them to the target contract. This means 3 independent transactions need to be mined consecutively... and we all know how painful this process can be, particularly in times of high gas prices.

But... fear no more, we've partnered with Uniswap to enable this in just one atomic transaction! No more insecure infinite approvals. No more dropped transactions. Thanks to our new multicall feature, your Argent Vault handles everything automatically on-chain.

Quicker. Easier. More secure.

On mobile or on desktop, and with less than 5% gas overhead compared to MetaMask!

Liquidity provision as it should be.

Here are the full details.

Argent and Uniswap V3

Argent users can earn fees by adding liquidity to Uniswap V3. All they need to do is connect their wallet using WalletConnect, the open-source standard for connecting mobile wallets to Dapps.

When the Uniswap Dapp detects an Argent wallet it will now pass to the wallet a multicall made of the 2 token approvals and the deposit, instead of simply requesting to approve the first token. The mobile app can then send the multicall to the blockchain and voila: 3 contract calls executed in 1 atomic transaction!

Argent's integration is unique because the new Argent Vault supports generic multicalls which allows us to batch multiple transactions into one.

With Uniswap V3, we've combined three steps into one:

  1. Approve token A
  2. Approve token B
  3. Deposit

The advantages:

  • Speed: You don't need to wait for three transactions to be mined.
  • Ease: One tap only.
  • Security: You automatically approve the exact amount you want to deposit. There's no infinite ERC20 approval (this article explains why they're so risky).

These benefits are all possible with almost no gas overhead compared to MetaMask.

Providing liquidity in Uniswap V3

And there is more! Using Argent with Uniswap means that your liquidity provider NFT looks pretty nice too...

Uniswap V3 LP NFT in Argent

Try it out

  1. Download / open Argent
  2. Go to Uniswap

(Multi) Calling all Dapps

We'd love to bring the benefits of multicalls to your community.

To highlight a potential example that batches even more steps, Curve could allow users to:

  • Approve erc20 token A
  • Approve erc20 token B
  • Deposit tokens A and B to get a LP token
  • Reset token A and B token allowance to zero

All in a single transaction.

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