Introducing Unframed – the new NFT marketplace for Starknet

Unframed - the marketplace without borders

Ollie Armitage
Jul 28, 2023

At Argent, we see a future where NFTs form the cornerstone of a global Starknet ecosystem. We firmly believe that NFTs are still in their early stages, and that Starknet presents an ideal environment for fostering innovation in this sector. In this blog post, we'll outline the key features of Unframed and answer the question on everyone's mind:

Why has a team from Argent, a smart-wallet company, decided to build an NFT marketplace?

Why Unframed?

We believe there's a significant opportunity for NFTs on Starknet, but we've observed a lack of infrastructure in the Starknet NFT landscape. To attract talented creators, a platform with an engaged audience is essential. Without it, connecting creators with collectors becomes challenging, and NFTs on Starknet fall short of their full potential.

Moreover, Starknet's design includes seamless integration of Account Abstraction into the protocol, making it an ideal environment for gaming developers. With enhanced speed and scalability compared to Ethereum, we strongly believe that Starknet will establish itself as the leading network for blockchain-based games. In these games, NFTs will play a vital role as tradable in-game assets.

For the digital collectibles and gaming ecosystems to thrive on Starknet, we need an established marketplace, with a robust and user-friendly infrastructure, for these digital assets to be exchanged. Recognising this, a dedicated team from Argent was formed, and soon after, Unframed began to take shape.

What's possible on Unframed?

Despite being in its earliest stages, the Unframed team have been working hard to deliver the essentials that every NFT marketplace should have:

  • Listing, buying, and selling NFTs
  • Smart-wallet integrations 
  • The ability to discover new collections

Unframed is launching with one-click checkout, enabled by Account Abstraction, allowing you to save time and transaction fees when purchasing a Starknet NFT. A feature only possible on Starknet.

And this is just the beginning. There are big plans in store for Unframed!

What’s next for Unframed?

Here are some of the upcoming features on Unframed:

  • Auctions: So you can bid for your favourite collections
  • User notifications: Get notified when your NFT is bought or sold 
  • Profile Personalisation: Customise your profile to make it uniquely yours
  • Improved Collection Metrics: To help you to enhance your collection management

But that's not all! The Unframed team has more exciting features and updates to come in the near future.

Unframed partnerships

Building an NFT ecosystem single-handedly is an impossible task. That's why Unframed has partnered with the Ark Project from Screenshot Labs

The Ark Project is developing tools for creators and unifying liquidity in the NFT ecosystem through an NFT bridge. Soon your favourite Ethereum NFT collections will be on Starknet. 

Unframed is also collaborating with Ducks Everywhere for its official launch. There are 100 ducks up for sale on Unframed in total, and 50 will be released over the 60 minutes following our official launch. We expect them to fly off the shelves. 

If you are a collection owner and you want it to be verified on Unframed, DM us on our official Twitter, @ArgentHQ. 

Built with Cairo 1

Unframed is built using Cairo 1, Starknet's latest native coding language, ensuring the platform delivers the best user experience. The team behind Unframed are not taking any shortcuts, they are committed to building a marketplace that can handle an entire ecosystem. 

Explore Unframed with Argent X

Unframed is just getting started. More features, collaborations, and partnerships are on the horizon. Discover the world of Starknet NFTs on Unframed, join the community, and for a smooth experience, download Argent X. 😉

Stay safe, use Argent.  

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