The Argent manifesto

Why we build

Itamar Lesuisse
Mar 18, 2021

Why are we building Argent? Why are we building it in the way we are?

Our manifesto has the answer.

We're sharing this publicly for the first time as we recently laid out our roadmap for the months ahead:

  1. On Layer 1, double down on security for wallets with $50K-$1m plus.
  2. Launch our Layer 2 wallet to make crypto accessible to all.

In building these products we've faced profound questions. The answers to which would have led to very different paths. How much do we value self-custody? Security? Censorship resistance? Openness?

What's non-negotiable? What can we live with and improve over time?

These questions get to the heart of why crypto, why Ethereum, why Argent.

We are

We believe that the future of money and the internet should be more open and fair.

That equal economic opportunity should be open to everybody with internet access.

We believe that the potential of this brave new future is possible.

And that it will be realised through crypto.

That's why we started Argent.

To empower everyone to control and prosper from their digital assets and identity.

Simply, safely and seamlessly. Without borders, barriers or boundaries.

So we’ve started out by building the world’s most simple and secure smart wallet.

It puts the power of crypto into the hands of anyone with a smartphone.

It’s no-nonsense and non-custodial.

So our users always have complete ownership and control of their assets, identity and rights.

Combining beautiful design with bulletproof security.

Argent does everything you'd expect from a bank (and much more)*.

But without the bank.

We see Argent as a step change in crypto's usability and security.

One that opens it up to the mainstream.

Stimulating new breakthroughs, businesses and opportunities.

So that everyone can benefit from its potential.

And we're taking on an ambitious first mission to start that change.

To provide 1 million people with the power of an Argent wallet.

Your assets, your identity, your future.

Join Argent and own it.

If you have any questions you can find us at:

Thanks to Gabbi Cahane from Multiple for helping us to distill our thinking on this.

*This should go without saying but in case it doesn't: we are NOT a bank 🙄. We are not a regulated financial entity.

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