Gift crypto for the Lunar New Year

Send a red envelope with Argent

Edward Wilson
Jan 31, 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year by sending a crypto red envelope to your family and friends - even if they don't have a wallet.

Red envelopes are a New Year tradition where people give gifts to their loved ones for good luck. They're usually paper and have money inside. We've built the crypto version.

You can send ETH or USDC.

When you create a gift you'll get a unique link you can share however you like, e.g. SMS, email, WhatsApp, Telegram.

The recipient can then either claim it in their Argent zkSync account or download Argent and claim it. 

It's cheap for you (only ~$0.16 in network fees) and free for the recipient. 

Here's how to you can gift crypto:

  1. Open your zkSync account in Argent
  2. Tap ‘Send
  3. Tap ‘Send a gift
  4. Choose ETH or USDC and one of the pre-fixed amounts 
  5. Tap ‘Create a gift
  6. Share your gift link 
  7. The recipient needs to click on your gift link on their phone to claim the crypto.  

If the gift can’t be claimed for whatever reason, you can claim it yourself by clicking on the link in the email.

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