Getting started with StarkNet

The StarkNet ecosystem is exploding and here's how you can get involved

Matt Marshall
Jan 14, 2022

Since we announced Argent X - the first wallet for StarkNet (available on the Chrome Web Store) - we’ve seen an explosion of downloads (250,000+) and many Dapps being built!

StarkNet and Cairo don’t just bring scalability to Ethereum with Ethereum security guarantees, it’s also a paradigm shift with new possibilities. Take a look at this 3D axie or easily calculate square roots!

There’s many potential opportunities within the Layer 2 space and after you’ve downloaded Argent X, here’s some of our favorite Dapps you can use right now on the Goerli testnet. You'll need to get testnet eth from the Goerli faucet.

Play with Briq 🧱

Dapp: https://briq.construction/

Created by @sylvechv and @wraitii; build colorful shapes (sets) made from Briqs. Each individual Briq is an NFT on the StarkNet blockchain. Similar to real-world Legos, but in the metaverse. Real virtualized composability!

After connecting Argent X, claim 100 Briqs and get crafting. Here’s a beautiful Argent hito (logomark) that we created.

Argent logo (hito) created from Briqs

Trade with MySwap 💱

Dapp: https://www.myswap.xyz/

With any new environment comes Dapps that provide trading and LP opportunities! With a clear and concise user interface, mySwap is already demoing an automated market maker.

Collect NFTs with Mint Square 🖼

Dapp: https://mintsquare.io/

The Mint Square team are building a platform to discover, create (mint) and buy or sell NFTs. There’s a test storefront to demo the tech. NFTs are on 🔥, so let’s see if the first-mover advantage will give Mint Square the edge!

There are loads more Dapps in development which we’re looking forward to trying out soon: Influence, Zorro & Suez to name a few.

Building a Dapp on StarkNet? Say hi to us on StarkNet’s Discord.

Own it. #L222

We're hiring for Argent X

We're looking for a Full Stack Javascript / Typescript Engineer with 3+ years of experience.

With a focus on world-class UX and security, you'll take ownership of the entire development lifecycle and quickly ship features in an agile environment.

As part of the team, you will also help define and build starknet.js, an open-source library helping applications interact with the StarkNet protocol.

Apply here

*Remote (Europe only)

Ready to start building with StarkNet?

Argent X is a simple, and easy to use developer tool built for StarkNet

Add Argent X to your browser

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