What is a mnemonic seed phrase / backup phrase?

A mnemonic phrase, mnemonic seed, or seed phrase is a group of words that allow access to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Other names for this include "recovery phrase" and "backup phrase." Sometimes people use this interchangeably with "private key", though this isn't quite correct. A mnemonic phrase can generate multiple private keys.

Seed phrases have some problems. Not only are seed phrases unwieldy, they also have security issues.

Security issues with seed phrases

Are you aware of the risks that seed phrases pose to your cryptocurrency?

At Argent, we think seed phrases have a simple, but serious security flaw: Seed phrases are all or nothing.

1. If you lose your seed phrase, you lose access to your money.

2. If someone else finds or steals your seed phrase, they gain access to your money.

Argent does not have a seed phrase

No seed phrase, yet you control your funds 100% – meaning Argent is "non-custodial."

Argent also has extra security features like biometrics, multisig and blockchain-based fraud protection. We believe that Argent is the safest way to hold your Ether and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

Also, Argent is the most simple cryptocurrency wallet.

How do we do it? Using the power of Ethereum smart contracts.

Drop the seed phrase and really secure your Ethereum crypto – try Argent!

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