Where can I learn more about DeFi?

There are a lot of great resources out there for learning about DeFi, but it can be hard to track them all down. Here's some of our favourites!

Oct 27, 2020

Remember, you can always learn more about DeFi right here on the Argent DeFi Hub, and join our Discord to chat with other Argent users.





  • Bankless - 'Explore the frontier of crypto money and crypto finance'
  • DeFi Dad - 'DeFi super-user educating on p2p money apps on Ethereum'
  • Argent on Youtube - Tutorials on using Argent



  • Bankless - 'Exploring the frontier of internet money and internet finance'
  • Uncommon Core - By Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital and crypto researcher/writer Hasu
  • Unchained - 'Your no-hype resource for all things crypto'
  • Into the Ether - Podcast focusing on all things Ethereum and DeFi
  • Cryptotesters - 'Cryptotesters invites the best crypto builders to discuss their projects'

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