How to backup an Ethereum wallet

You backup most Ethereum wallets by writing down something called a "seed phrase." Usually this is called a paper backup, because you write the 12, or 24 words on paper, and keep them somewhere safe.

Backing up your Ethereum wallet on paper comes with serious risks. If someone finds your paper backup, they have immediate, unrestricted access to all of your money. If it burns in a fire, it is gone forever. In some cases, a relative or landlord has accidentally thrown the backup away.

A better way to backup your Ethereum wallet

Argent is an Ethereum wallet with no seed phrase – no paper backup.

Argent is a "smart contract" wallet, and introduces a concept we call Guardians.

Guardians are other people and devices that you trust. Guardians are a better way to "backup" your Ethereum wallet.

If your wallet is lost or stolen, you get a new phone, install Argent, enter your Ethereum wallet address and start a recovery.

To complete recovery, you contact your Guardians (if they are friends / family) or use another Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor) with the Argent Security Center. Follow the instructions in the app and you will have access to your wallet again after 36 hours.

Backing up your Ethereum wallet on a piece of paper is a single point of failure.

Argent allows you to distribute your security, and is better than traditional Ethereum wallet backups. With Argent, you can cover any eventuality, including death and inheritance, theft or loss. Protect your money with Argent

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