Starknet Early Adopters

Everything you need to know about the Starknet mobile Early Adopters campaign

Adam Pluck
Oct 18, 2023

Introducing the Early Adopter campaign – your opportunity to qualify for an exclusive SPOK and discover what those key cards unlock.

To qualify, you need to have funded your Starknet account on Argent Mobile with ETH by 23:59 UTC Oct 24th 2023. Download Argent Mobile, available on iOS and Android.

Note: Argent X accounts cannot be imported to mobile and will not be eligible for the Early Adopter SPOKs. This is a campaign exclusively for Argent Mobile.

Early Adopters need to move fast 🚅

In total there are 9 Early Adopters characters, each one is ranked by rarity. You will only qualify for one character, which one that is, depends on you. The earlier you deposit, the rarer your character will be.

Any FUNDED Starknet account on Argent Mobile will qualify when we take the snapshot. Accounts that are already funded automatically qualify.

How to fund

Currently, there are are a few ways you can fund your Argent Mobile account:

  1. Buy in app via Ramp
  2. Send from another Starknet wallet, such as Argent X
  3. From an exchange (e.g. Coinbase) via Layerswap.io
  4. From another L2 (e.g. Optimism) via Layerswap.io
  5. Transfer from Argent Vault

How to claim your Early Adopter

If you qualify and fund your Starknet mobile account with ETH before the snapshot, we'll email you a claim link, starting 1pm UTC October 25th. This will take you to the correct claim page to mint your SPOK. Alternatively, you'll be able to find all claim links on this page, but you won't know which SPOK is yours until you connect your wallet and check your eligibility.

The Early Adopters

1 - Chad

My strategy is simple. I buy before everyone else, and make them my exit liquidity.


2 - Degen

I’ve caught every major narrative in crypto since 2005. But I always lose it on leverage.


3 - Builder

Cairo is the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet.


4 - Hacker

You hunt for airdrops, I hunt for exploits. We are not the same.


5 - Hodler

There’s no way I’m selling the greatest investment of this generation.


6 - Collector

I love NFTs so much that I named my dog after one. Come here, JPEG.


7 - Hunter

I’m always hunting for the best opportunities in crypto. Is Starknet it?


8 - Influencer

Subscribe to my channel if you want the latest alpha on all things Starknet.


9 - Farmer

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work, and it gets a steady yield.


How rare is your character?

Each Early Adopter character has a limited supply:

  1. Chad: 500
  2. Degen: 1000
  3. Builder: 1500
  4. Hacker : 2000
  5. Hodler: 2500
  6. Collector: 3000
  7. Hunter: 3500
  8. Influencer: 4000
  9. Farmer: 8782

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