Introducing Web Wallet: The Invisible Starknet Wallet

A no-brainer for Dapps and Devs

Ollie Armitage
Sep 26, 2023

Web Wallet is an invisible wallet for the Starknet ecosystem. It’s a game-changer for Dapps and developers looking to onboard new users. Web Wallet eliminates friction, simplifies onboarding, and enhances security for users. 

Built using account abstraction, Web Wallet is your wallet for mainstream adoption. 

What is Web Wallet?

Web Wallet is a self-custodial smart wallet in your browser. It operates discreetly in the background and anyone can sign in with an email and password, making it feel familiar. 

It’s the simplest way to get started with Dapps on Starknet.

Key Features

  • No downloads required
  • Self-custodial
  • Compatible with Safari
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Default 2FA for added security
  • FIAT on-ramp via Ramp 

And the most important of all. No seedphrase.

Why Integrate Web Wallet?

Integrating Web Wallet is easy, it’s a simple SDK integration. In just a few lines of code, you can widen your user base and remove all wallet-related friction. 

Follow our foolproof guide, or try the Web Wallet demo to see it in action. 

Security First

Kudelski Security has audited the Web Wallet smart contracts. We take security seriously. 

All Web Wallet users must enter a unique email code and password to sign in. 

Partnerships with Leading Dapps

Over a dozen Starknet dapps have already integrated Web Wallet. Including some of the ecosystem’s best: Briq, Carbonable, Jediswap, Starknet.id, AVNU, and Unframed.

Integrate Web Wallet today and become part of the frictionless future on Starknet. Unlock your Dapp's full potential and deliver an unmatched user experience. 

Follow our guide to get started now.

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