How to use your hardware wallet with Argent

Unrivalled protection for your crypto.

Aug 9, 2020
How to use your hardware wallet with Argent

A unique benefit of Argent is that you can combine it with your hardware wallet (both Ledger and Trezor) to give you unrivaled security while letting you enjoy one-tap access to DeFi. This is one reason why there are multiple Argent users with over $1 million in their wallets.

So how can your hardware wallet help to protect your Argent wallet? In short, you can use it to lock, recover and approve large transfers on Argent. You can then use Argent as your gateway to DeFi, with super simple access to Uniswap, Set, Aave, Compound and more.

Make your hardware wallet your 'Guardian'

The first step to using your hardware wallet to protect your Argent wallet is to choose it as your 'Guardian'.

Guardians are Ethereum accounts (hardware wallets, trusted family & friends, even your Metamask) that you give limited permission to help you with specific security tasks. Guardians never have access to your assets. You can have any configuration of Guardians that you like (including several hardware wallets), and you can add or remove them easily.

To add your hardware wallet as a Guardian, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Argent app
  2. Tap the "Security" tab
  3. Tap "Guardians"
  4. Tap "Add Guardians"
  5. Tap "Hardware wallet" and then "Add as Guardian"
  6. Follow instructions on screen

Argent supports the following hardware wallets: Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, and Trezor. They can protect you as follows:

Approve large transfers (i.e. treat Argent like a multisig) πŸ‘Œ

With Argent you're protected by a Daily Transfer Limit. Transactions that take you over your limit are delayed for 24 hours, in which time you can either approve or block them.

This is a similar model to how banks' security teams work - but for a decentralised world. With a bank, if you make a big transfer to a new person, the bank may initially block it for being suspicious. With Argent, the process is blockchain-based, transparent, automatic and doesn't require a middleman. You're in full control.

To approve transfers over your limit you can use a majority of your Guardians (rounded up).

This means you can use Argent like a multisig (where several approvals are required to transact). If you're super security conscious you could set your daily limit to almost nothing, and then approve nearly every transfer.

Recovery without a seed phrase 😌

Using Guardians, Argent has made it possible to recover a wallet without seed phrases, and without centralisation.

If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, you can now recover your wallet on a new phone by asking your Guardians to approve the recovery. Similar to approving large transfers, you need a majority of Guardians to approve a recovery.

You can recover your wallet using a hardware wallet Guardian by visiting the Argent security center (security.argent.xyz) and following this guide for the hardware wallet you use.

Locking πŸ”

A locked wallet can't transact. So you can lock your wallet to give you extra peace of mind if you lose your phone (although it's highly unlikely that someone will break your PIN to access the wallet).

You can lock your wallet using a hardware wallet Guardian from the security center, simply tap 'Lock a wallet', select the hardware wallet you use, then follow the short instructions on screen. You can unlock it easily too.

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