Best Starknet Wallet: Argent X vs Braavos

A side-by-side comparison of Starknet wallets

Ollie Armitage
Feb 1, 2023

Last updated on Feb 8, 2024.

Before reading, please note that, while this article cannot be totally unbiased, we have done our best to provide an objective and data-driven comparison to help you choose your Starknet wallet.

Starknet is in a period of rapid growth. In 2023, it was the fastest-growing ecosystem for developers and attracted over $200 million to its network - a 40x increase.

This growth has led to multiple teams competing to become the wallet of choice for Starknet. At present, there are two Starknet wallets vying for the top spot - Argent X and Braavos. 

Here's how they match up in 2024.


  • Argent X and Braavos are self-custody smart wallets for Starknet.
  • 70% of Starknet users choose Argent X. 30% use Braavos.
  • Both wallets leverage Multicall.


Argent X and Braavos are non-custodial wallets with open-source smart contracts. 

Both have smart wallet features, such as Multicall, to make transacting on Starknet faster and more efficient. Multicall groups multiple transactions into one "atomic transaction," improving user experience. It’s one of the breakthrough features of Starknet.

They also have additional security features, such as 2FA, to protect users if their seed phrase gets compromised. 

Both companies are dedicated to the Starknet ecosystem and have integrated Dapps for global on-ramping, swapping and ETH staking. They both also support NFTs and SPOKs.

Best Starknet Wallet: Argent X vs Braavos

Both Argent and Braavos are venture-backed. Argent has raised $60m from Paradigm and other VCs. Braavos has raised $10m from Pantera and others. 


Argent launched in 2018, built smart wallets on Ethereum, and pioneered features such as Social Recovery. Braavos launched in 2022. 

Argent X's smart contracts have completed audits by top-tier auditors, such as ConsenSys Diligence, and their Ethereum smart contracts have been trusted with over $1 billion in TVL. 

Major exchanges like OKX trust the Argent X smart contract to facilitate deposits and withdrawals on Starknet. 

Argent X provides additional security features along 2FA. These features are designed to prevent scams and warn you before you sign a transaction. This includes a built-in Fraud Protection with anti-phishing and transaction review. On Braavos, you can only view basic details about your transaction.

Comparing transaction review: Braavos (left) vs Argent X (right).

Best Starknet Wallet: Argent X vs Braavos

On Argent X, you know exactly what you're signing before any assets leave your account.

Argent X leads the way in accounts, and TVL

Argent X was the first wallet deployed on Starknet. At present, there are over 2.2 million Argent X accounts. OKX also uses the Argent X smart contract, bringing the total number of Argent X accounts to nearly 3 million. Braavos has around 800,000 accounts.  

When comparing total value locked (TVL), Argent X accounts hold three times more value than Braavos accounts, with 75% of the TVL stored in Argent X vs Braavos.

Best Starknet Wallet: Argent X vs Braavos

The chart on the left shows the total number of Argent X and Braavos accounts. 

The chart on the right shows the total value locked (TVL) in Argent X and Braavos accounts (as of Jan 2024). 

* Source: Voyager


Competition in the Starknet wallet ecosystem is good. It drives innovation and creates a better product for the end user. 

Argent X and Braavos are early leaders in the Starknet ecosystem, but Argent X is currently the most established. Size, security and user experience are the key points of difference between the two wallets today.

70% of Starknet users choose Argent X. Download Argent X to discover why. 

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