Introducing Session Keys for Influence

Experience onchain gaming with Argent like never before

Ollie Armitage
Jun 27, 2024

Onchain games are a pain.

Picture this: You're trying to play a game, but every move you make, your wallet asks for your approval. It’s annoying, ruins the experience, and gets expensive. No other games are like this.

This problem is unique to crypto, a side-effect of using self-custodial wallets and a blockchain. But there is a solution to the constant interruptions: session keys.

What are Session Keys?

Session keys allow dapps to sign transactions on your behalf. For example, you could start a 30-minute gaming session. During those 30 minutes, you won't get any wallet notifications. No more pop-ups, just uninterrupted gameplay. 

While a session is active, there’s no need to sign transactions, which massively improves the user experience. A session ends when it reaches a set limit, this can be based on time, network fees, or any other criteria.

How do Session Keys work in Influence?

Session keys improve the user experience on Influence. When you fund your wallet, Influence asks you to start a session. Once done, you're free to play without interruptions.

How can I use Influence with Session Keys?

To experience Influence with session keys, use Web Wallet. Go to Influence, click “Log-In,” select Email, and start playing.

Web Wallet provides a familiar onboarding experience akin to web2 while offering the benefits of self-custody. You simply log in with your email and password. There are no downloads, seed phrases, or friction. Just sign in, start a session, and play.

Web Wallet fixes clunky onboarding. Session keys fix clunky gameplay.

Are my funds safe with Session Keys?

Yes, absolutely. Session keys use session policies to ensure security, defining what a dapp can and cannot do on your behalf. For example, the Influence session key is restricted from transferring ETH or USDC to another account. These policies are set at the smart contract layer, so they're immutable.

Transforming the user experience of crypto 

We're committed to solving crypto's clunky UX and scaling self-custody to a billion people worldwide. Session keys are a big step in that direction. But don’t take our word for it—play Influence with Web Wallet and see the difference for yourself!

Did you know?

Argent X is the only open-source and audited Starknet wallet. 7 out of 10 Starknet users choose Argent X. 

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