The most secure wallet

Security features of the best modern banking apps combined with unique blockchain-based capabilities

You're in control.
Only you.

Argent is a non-custodial wallet, so only you can access and control your assets. Not Argent. Not anyone else.

Always Protected


Lock your wallet from anywhere

Instantly freeze your wallet if you believe someone has access to it.

Your wallet auto-unlocks after five days. Or you can unlock it sooner.

How to lock your wallet


Secure enclave and biometric authentication

Your wallet is protected with all the latest security features of iOS and Android.

Daily transfer limits that you control

Set the maximum amount that can be transferred out of your wallet each day. Transfers over this limit will take 24 hours to complete.

Trusted contacts

Instant, unlimited transfers to the contacts that you trust.

Independently audited

Our smart contracts have been audited by multiple experts from Trail of Bits, Solidified and G0 Group.

These audits can be found on the Argent Github.

Argent Bug Bounty

The integrity of our smart contracts is our highest priority. Our smart contract bug bounty program has rewards of up to $50,000 (paid in Dai). Read about the Argent Bug Bounty

Own It

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