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Argent combines the security features of the best modern banking apps with unique blockchain-based capabilities

Introducing Guardians

If your credit card gets lost or stolen, you call your bank. Some banks also let you freeze your card.

Argent is similar, but instead of your bank, you use Guardians – your personal ‘Circle of Trust’.

The future of crypto security.

Guardians are people and devices that you trust to protect you.

Friends & Family

When your friends and family also use Argent, you can choose to help secure each other’s wallets.

Hardware Wallet

If you are more Solo than Han, you can use a hardware wallet (or two) and be totally self-sufficient.

Argent Guard

Argent Guard is a Guardian service provided by Argent, using 2-factor authentication (SMS + email).

Guardians keep you protected...

Lock Icon

Lock & unlock your wallet

A Guardian can instantly freeze your funds if you believe someone has access to your wallet

Your wallet auto-unlocks after five days. Or you can use a Guardian to unlock it sooner.

Recover Icon

Recover your wallet

No more writing down recovery phrases and passwords. Just ask your Guardians for help. You need consensus amongst your Guardians to approve a recovery.

Authorize Icon

Authorize large transfers

Argent allows you to set a daily transfer limit, which applies only to new recipients. Any transfers that are above your daily limit normally take 24 hours.

Guardians let you send instantly.

Biometric authentication

Your wallet is protected with all the latest security features of iOS and Android. This includes biometric security features, e.g. Touch ID or Face ID

Security measures designed to prevent fraudulent transfers

In the unlikely event that someone gets through your on-device security, Argent protects you with additional, bank-grade security features.

Success icon (original)

Trusted contacts

For security, if you send over your limit you need to wait 24 hrs. Or, ask your Guardians to authorize the transfer to send instantly


Daily transfer limits

You can set the maximum amount of Ether that can be transferred out of your wallet daily. Any transfers over this limit will take 24 hours to complete.

Simple recovery

Just speak to your personal Guardians and ensure that the emoji sequence on your phone matches theirs. If they don’t match, you’ll know that someone is trying to gain access to your wallet

Argent Bug Bounty

The integrity of our smart contracts is our highest priority. Our bug bounty program for them has rewards of up to $50,000 (paid in Dai)…

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