What is Pxls?

Bringing people together across the globe to create collaborative artwork

Dec 20, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Pxls is a collaborative art project on StarkNet that brings people together to create unique NFT art commissions. Anyone can request a piece of art on any theme and have their concept turned into a reality!

What is Pxls?

Pxls is a collaborative art project on StarkNet that brings 400 Pxl NFT holders together to create unique NFT art commissions known as Rtwrks (artworks). 

How to commission a Pxl Rtwrk

Every two days, a new piece gets commissioned by someone with an idea and is then created by the Pxl community. 

Anyone can ask for a commission by placing a bid on Pxls while the bidding process is open (24 hours). 

A bid includes two things: a theme and a bid amount.

  • A theme is what will be used as guidance for the Pxl holders to create the Rtwrk and the theme can be anything from the Argent logo or the face of someone interesting
  • The bid amount is the amount of ETH the person commissioning the NFT is willing to pay, with the highest bidder having their theme created 

Once the winning theme is decided, over the next 24 hours, 400 Pxl holders, each holder limited to a 20 pixel contribution, will create the commissioned Rtwrk, which will then get minted as an NFT. Each Rtwrk is 400 pixels and pixels can be overwritten.

You can watch the entire process from start to finish here:

As Pxls is fully on-chain, when a Pxl holder contributes to the commission, they will need to commit their changes on StarkNet by making a transaction to save the state. If another Pxl holder disagrees with the contribution or wants to improve it, they can do so.

Collaboration without synchronization. 

That’s what makes Pxl commissions incredibly exciting, as each Rtwrk gets created by 400 Pxl holders spread across the world who have their own thoughts and opinions on the theme. 

Take a look at Pxl Rtwrks.

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a type of Layer 2 scaling solution known as a “ZK-rollup” which allows Dapps on the network to achieve tremendous scalability without compromising Ethereum's composability and security.

What makes StarkNet interesting is that it supports Account Abstraction, meaning every account is a smart contract with its own logic. This is huge because it enables everyone to have a secure wallet adapted to their needs, with seamless compatibility!

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