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Explore the best blockchain games on StarkNet

Nov 18, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Blockchain games are like other video games that you’re used to playing on your preferred device. The key difference is that blockchain games are fully on-chain! You own your in-game items, can take them with you to use in other games, and much more!

What is blockchain gaming?

Blockchain gaming gives players true ownership of their in-game assets - tokenization for in-game currency to NFTs for in-game items, allowing for new and unique use cases to provide value to the player and game. 

This is a radical departure from traditional games where you “rent” the items from the game developers despite, in some cases, using your local currency to purchase them. That’s because the developers can close your account without warning, taking your items with them, and there’s little you can do. 

Blockchain gaming is a true paradigm shift which is why many teams are excited and building amazing games to take advantage of these opportunities in a sector that’s largely been ignored so far in crypto. 

Now, let’s go through some of the best StarkNet games.

StarkNet games


An expansive open-economy, space strategy MMO in which players own all of their content. Colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, and engage in combat!  

Website: influenceth.io

Frens Lands

Harvest resources and create your dream community.

Website: frenslands.xyz

Frenslands on Starknet

Age of Eykar 

Build the most prestigious empire. And if you succeed, you will be able to keep a significant part of the profits generated by the game.

Website: eykar.org

Age of Eykar factions


An experimental on-chain remix of the classic “Game of Life”.

Website: gol2.io

Community games for GoL2


Collaborate with 400 people to create on-chain artwork every day, by colorizing a 20*20 pixels grid.

Website: pxls.wtf

An example Pxls RTWRK

You can discover more StarkNet games on Dappland, the best place to find and explore StarkNet games, Dapps, NFTs and more

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