DeFi Security

Security doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to keep your assets safe while using DeFi.

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What is a smart contract wallet?

Find out about the secure and easy to use wallet for Ethereum

What is a crypto wallet?

Learn how to store your cryptocurrency

What is a Multi-sig wallet?

A multi-sig, short for multi-signature, wallet refers to an account that needs more than one signature to control the assets.

What are the benefits of DeFi?

The traditional finance model that we are familiar with is build on centralised authorities (such as banks) to process transactions and act as intermediaries. With DeFi, there are no middlemen. It's finance for the people, by the people.

What are the risks of using DeFi?

DeFi offers attractive, high yield opportunties for investors, along with a number of risks that need to be considered.

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