Block explorers for StarkNet

Looking for the etherscan of StarkNet? Try Voyager, Starkscan or Viewblock

Nov 3, 2022
Edward Wilson

Quick summary

Block explorers help you dig a little deeper into what’s happening on-chain. As all activity is public, you can view wallet addresses, transaction data, blocks, contracts, and much more. In this article, we’ll guide you through the current block explorers for StarkNet.

What are block explorers?

Block explorers give everyone, regardless of technical expertise, an easy way to search a blockchains activity. You may already be familiar with Etherscan, the OG block explorer for Ethereum. With Etherscan, you can effortlessly find data about transactions, addresses, blocks, fees, and more.

Etherscan has proven to be an incredibly popular tool that other blockchains have copied it, giving rise to Polygonscan, Arbiscan, and FTMscan, amongst others. For EVM chains such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Fantom, it’s easy to re-use this existing, popular, and well-polished tool. 

But StarkNet is built differently, and therefore, a block explorer had to be created from scratch!

We’ll take you through the current block explorers for StarkNet and show the same wallet across all explorers to see how they compare.

Now let's go through them:

1. Voyager

Built by the Nethermind team, Voyager is the first block explorer for StarkNet. As you would expect, it’s possible to search by block, transactions, or contracts (including wallets). With its clean and minimal UI, Voyager is an essential component on StarkNet, providing users with transparency and convenience.

Website: https://voyager.online

The image shows Voyager's user interface. Voyager is the first StarkNet block explorer.

2. Starkscan

Starkscan is a next-generation block explorer on StarkNet, providing a full suite of tools, logs, and data. Some useful features of StarkScan:

  • Transactions are picked up instantly, as well as giving time estimations
  • It’s possible to decode transactions, events, and calls with human-readable inputs and outputs
  • Clear token transfer data on each transaction

Website: https://starkscan.co

The image displays the Starkscan user interface

3. Viewblock

ViewBlock's StarkNet explorer provides transaction and event decoding, token prime support, and advanced statistics. In addition to supporting all the basics of the chain, like viewing blocks, transactions, messages, events, and classes, most transactions and events are properly decoded. This makes it really easy to understand what's happening on StarkNet.

As you can see in the screenshots below, Viewblock offers a rich data and visualization experience, as well as providing handy USD summary views of a contract and NFT support.

Website: https://v2.viewblock.io/starknet

Displayed is Viewblocks user interface

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