Introducing Vesu: The Future of Lending on Starknet

Earn, borrow and build permissionlessly on Starknet’s innovative lending protocol

Ollie Armitage
Jul 10, 2024

Innovation in DeFi lending has stagnated. The protocols built to remove third parties are being constrained by DAOs, stakeholders and governance politics. Vesu was built to fix that problem.

Learn how to use Vesu with our step-by-step tutorials.

What makes Vesu different?

Vesu is a DeFi lending protocol on Starknet. It has been built from the ground up to address the limitations of existing lending protocols. Crucially, Vesu has no intermediaries or governance politics weighing it down.

Vesu introduces Lending Hooks, inspired by Uniswap v4, allowing developers to build customised lending experiences. This means that anyone can develop and deploy new features on Vesu, it is open and permissionless.

We’ve hammered down Vesu’s innovations into three categories: Free markets, risk transparency, and simplicity.

Free Markets 

Most lending protocols (such as AAVE or Compound) rely on DAOs and other governance mechanisms to create new pools for lending and borrowing. But there’s a problem with this: self-interests always get in the way. It’s not permissionless.

At its core, Vesu believes that free markets are better at coordinating capital than organisations. With Vesu, anyone can create a pool and decide which assets can be borrowed or lent. It’s a completely neutral technology.

Risk Transparency

Vesu optimises for transparency. Before opening a position, you have full visibility into Vesu's risk framework and the different metrics it uses to assess risk. This transparency over risk means users can make informed decisions, which increases user security. 

Security is at the heart of Vesu. Its codebase is fully open-source, and Chainsecurity, a leading Web3 security firm, has audited Vesu’s smart contracts. Vesu is simple yet powerful, and in the future, it’ll have more risk management tools, such as automated position rebalancing. 


Vesu has a simple and intuitive user interface (UI). It offers one-click lending and borrowing (powered by Multicall) to maximise convenience and minimise gas costs.

Another focus when designing the Vesu UI was user security. On Vesu, token allowances are always reset to eliminate certain exploits and give users peace of mind about their positions. 

What’s next for Vesu?

Vesu is on a mission to radically change how we lend, borrow and empower markets to form freely. Over the coming weeks, Vesu will roll out exciting new features, such as a pool creation, an admin dashboard, a multiply position feature, and a risk dashboard. Expect Vesu to continue shipping and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Vesu is participating in Starknet’s DeFi Spring, where over 90 million STRK tokens will be distributed to the community over the next 6-8 months. We’re very excited about Vesu's launch and believe it’s primed to take a large chunk of lending market share on Starknet. 

Learn how to use Vesu with our step-by-step tutorials. For more information, visit Vesu.xyz or follow Vesu on X. 

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