Easily earn with Yearn V2 in Argent

Easily invest in one of Yearn.finance's most popular DeFi products: Yearn V2 Vaults

Matthew Wright
Aug 24, 2021

Yearn V2 Vaults are now just a tap away in Argent! Earn up to 16.47% Net APY* with automated yield generation. This builds on our existing support for Yearn's V1 Vaults.

Benefits of using Yearn with Argent

Earning with Yearn through Argent is unique because of its:

  • Simplicity: Only one transaction required. (No need for a separate approval).
  • Security: No infinite token approvals; you automatically only approve what you need to spend. You also have peace of mind that you're interacting with the right contracts.

We've launched with 7 Vaults (USDC, DAI, SNX, 1INCH, YFI, WBTC, USDT, UNI, ETH).

Why Yearn matters

Yearn has grown at a monumental pace since its launch in early 2020. Yearn makes it easy for anyone to "yield farm" (trying to maximize the return on your assets by utilizing multiple DeFi protocols). Yearn compare their approach to passive investing.

DeFi Pulse Graph showing the total value locked (TVL) in Yearn.Finance

There's also a big benefit when it comes to Ethereum network fees ('gas'). Gas is "socialized" across everyone using that Vault making it much more economical for the average user.

Strategies are proposed by the community and voted on by Yearn's governance.

With V2, each Vault can employ multiple strategies, whereas V1 Vaults used just one each.

How to use Yearn V2 Vaults in Argent


  • Tap 'Invest' tab in Argent
  • Tap 'Yearn V2 Vaults'
  • Choose a Vault
  • Tap 'Buy Investment'
  • Select amount (& confirm you're happy with the network fee)
  • Buy


Argent does not take a fee.

Yearn takes:

  • 20% performance fee (deducted from the yield)
  • 2% management fee (deducted from total balance per year).

You also need to pay for gas.

Using yearn in the Argent app

Tracking your Vault's performance

Balances are not updated continuously; they are updated on a "fluctuating basis", according to Yearn.

To track the returns, you can use

Further reading & resources


As always in crypto and DeFi, you should do your own research on the risks. These include smart contracts and the economics of the protocols. Yearn's audits can be found here.

*APY is variable and the concept does not technically directly apply as it does in centralized finance. Please see Yearn's explanation for more.

Download Argent

Get started with Argent here. If you have any questions you can find us at:

*This should go without saying but in case it doesn't: we are NOT a bank 🙄. We are not a regulated financial entity.

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